Our Mission

AdmiredLife was created to provide families an elegant way to memorialize the deceased. AdmiredLife memorials are provided to families like yours by a network of the finest Memorialists in North America. It is their hope and ours that you will find comfort and peace in eternally memorializing your family member in a tasteful manner.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has made an impact in some way in their life. Share your family member's life story today.

Our Values

This site is different. AdmiredLife will never have ads. We won't ask you for sponsorship either. Your Memorial provider has made this site available to you. They have served your family in it's time of need and now they want to help you further share the story of your loved one.

The AdmiredLife Online Memorial is assigned a unique and static Internet address. It's easy to share the address of your Online Memorial with family and friends.

The AdmiredLife Online Memorial site is also unique in that it was developed from the ground up using state of the art technologies and tools. Your Online Memorial will display properly on smart phones, tablets and traditional computers.

Additionally - AdmiredLife is the only site that provides access to your Online Memorial using Geo Location Search technology or better known as GPS + Search.

When walking through a cemetery - our site allows the visitor on their smart phone to "Tap" a Find Nearby Memorials button on a web page and the phone will render a list of physical memorials in the proximity that have additional data about the deceased connected by an AdmiredLife Online Memorial.

Create your Online Memorial with confidence and share your family member's life story today.