General Information

What is an Online Memorial?

An Online Memorial is an internet presence dedicated to the life and memory of someone who has passed. The AdmiredLife Online Memorial has the following features:

  • The Life Story of the deceased.
  • A Photo Gallery
  • An Obituary
  • Links - Allowing you to connect other data on the internet to the Online Memorial including video.
  • A unique web address that allows easy access to your online memorial.
  • Accessible by Phone, Tablet or Computer.
  • Linked and accessible by GPS coordinates of the Physical Memorial in the Cemetery or other meaningful place.

How can visitors access my Online Memorial?

Your memorial site will be assigned a unique and static Internet address. It’s easy to share the address of your Online Memorial with family and friends.

The AdmiredLife Online Memorial site is unique in that it is developed from the ground up using state of the art technologies and tools. Your Online Memorial will display properly on smart phones, tablets and traditional computers.

Additionally – we are the only site that provides access to your Online Memorial using Geo Location Search technology or better known as GPS + Search.

When walking through a cemetery - our site allows a visitor on their smart phone to “Tap” a Find Nearby Memorialsbutton on a web page and the visitor's phone will render a list of physical memorials in the area that have additional data about the deceased connected by an AdmiredLife Online Memorial.

How long do AdmiredLife Online Memorials stay online?

AdmiredLife Memorials remain online as long as you want them to. Our intention with this service is to provide perpetual care for the data so that many generations in the future will have access to this data. AdmiredLife Memorials are subject to our Terms of Use and we retain the right to remove any Online Memorial that violates those terms.

I do not have my Redemption Code. What do I do?

Please contact the Memorial Products Dealer that provided your Online Memorial to you. They can e-mail your redemption code to you. Be prepared to give them your current e-mail address.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Click the Password Help button and enter the e-mail address associated with your account. A temporary password will be sent to you.

Is my personal information safe?

All personal information collected by AdmiredLife about the administrator is kept private. It will be solely used for its intended purposes. You will not receive offers from third parties. The site is governed by our Privacy Policy.

I still have more questions. Who may I speak with?

The best way to reach us is via our online support system located here.


Managing and Creating a Memorial

How long does it take to create an AdmiredLife Online Memorial?

It takes only a few minutes to get started and have something online. After that, you can continue to add and edit content at any time. The entire process of creating an online memorial is easy since we provide you a very intuitive state of the art interface. If you can surf the web, attach a picture from your computer to an e-mail and fill out a form – you are more than qualified to create an AdmiredLife Online Memorial.

Who edits and updates the AdmiredLife Online Memorial?

When you redeem your Online Memorial code, you become the site administrator related to your family member’s Online Memorial. After that you complete some basic information about yourself and a login and password. To make changes you’ll login to the site and go directly to the Administrator Dashboard where you will choose what areas of the Online Memorial you wish to enter or change. Your password should be kept confidential and can only be sent to the email address on file for the Online Memorial site.

Can I pass my Administrative access to another person?

You may pass your administrative access to another person. It will be a decision that you will make and be responsible for. The new administrator will be required to change the e-mail address related to the Online Memorial and you will no longer have access to the administrative functions of the system. The password recovery function will only send the password on the account to the e-mail address on record within the system.

Who can help me in creating my AdmiredLife Online Memorial?

Our user interface design was tested by many people to ensure it was intuitive and easy to use. We believe we’ve created a state of the art system that anyone with light experience using the internet could easily create an AdmiredLife Online Memorial. With that being said… families today always have somebody that is comfortable using the internet and we suggest you recruit that person to help you. A nice feature of our system allows you to turn off the Online Memorial until you’re ready to share it. That way as you create the Memorial, you’ll be able to preview from within the Administrator Dashboard your Online Memorial and publish it when you’re ready.

Do I need to know anything about HTML to create an AdmiredLife Online Memorial?

No. We’ve created an industry leading intuitive interface for you. It’s easy. If you use the internet, you can use our system.

I have already created my AdmiredLife Online Memorial, how can I make changes to it?

All you need is your login and password. From within the Dashboard, you can choose which Online Memorial you want to work on (if you administer more than one). At that point all the editing options are before you.

What are links?

A unique feature of AdmiredLife is its ability to allow you to link to other internet content. If other information about your family member is available on the internet you can Link to that information from within the Online Memorial. A great use of Links are to link to other family members such as a Spouse’s Online Memorial. You can add, edit and delete links as often as you wish.

How do I add Video?

Simple. Most people post videos on video sharing sites today. Simply provide a Link to your video in the Online Memorial Link section. This is a great way to share a memorial tribute video. No need to format your video correctly or wait while uploading it. The video sharing sites do it better than anyone and linking with AdmiredLife is easy.

Do you restrict any type of content?

We do not allow pornographic or illicit images. We also do not allow defamatory language or other inappropriate language judged solely by AdmiredLife management. Nor do we allow copyrighted material for which you do not have permission to use. No exceptions. Your site may be deleted at our option. All AdmiredLife Online Memorials are subject to our Terms of Use.

Can I make my AdmiredLife Online Memorial Private?

Yes. You can log into your Administrative Dashboard and choose to set the Online Memorial as Unpublished. When you are ready, you can easily Publish the Online Memorial again. You will always need to keep your login, password and e-mail address current or we won’t be able to help you.


Pricing and Ads

How much does an AdmiredLife Online Memorial cost?

We don’t sell our Online Memorials directly to the end user. Our Online Memorials are provided to family members by a network of the finest Memorialists in North America. It is their hope and ours that you will find comfort and peace in eternally memorializing your family member in a tasteful manner.

Will there ever be ads on my AdmiredLife Online Memorial?

No. Never. Period.