Robert E. McGuire II
Robert Eugene McGuire II

May 22, 1991May 3, 2014 (22 years old)
Hometown: Belen, NM
May 22, 1991May 3, 2014
(22 years old) | Belen, NM

Life Story

Robert Eugene McGuire was born on May 22, 1991 to Lyle and Joann McGuire of Belen, New Mexico.  Robert was the first of nine grandchildren to be born.  Robert was a kind heart and a gentle soul that loved his family dearly and was the first to help any of his family in need.  Robert graduated from Belen High School and quickly became a productive member of society working his up in his company and gaining the love and trust of all that worked with him.

Robert was "Our Sunshine" and will now shine his sunshine down on us from heaven with his great grandmother Julia Oldfield, Great great-great Aunt Trudy, great uncle Wayne and many others that we have lost.  Robert had an infectious smile that never seemed to fade from his face.  He was the type of person that always found the good in every situation.  Robert taught all of us how to love and take care of each other without worrying about the small and petty things that life throws your way.

He will be missed beyond belief, but the family and friends takes solice in the fact that he sits with God and he is now able to spread his big wings in the gates of heaven.