Kirk Lee Koehn
Kirk Lee Koehn

September 4, 1990May 26, 2014 (23 years old)
Hometown: Scales Mound, IL
September 4, 1990May 26, 2014
(23 years old) | Scales Mound, IL

Life Story

 Kirk was born on September 4, 1990 at 9:37AM at Freeport Memorial Hospital by  Dr. Cleary . He weighed 9lbs 5oz.  What joy he brought into our lives. His hair grew with curls and his smile made us all smile with him. His smile was filled with love. At 6yrs old, Kirk  told us that he wanted to be a fisherman and a hunter. He loved the outdoors and the farm life. And he had many dreams. Kirk was a "lover". When he gave you a hug, you didn't want to let him go.

 In 2000, we moved to Warren, IL near the park. Kirk spent many hours in the weight room at the school and played baseball, basketball and football.  Kirk would fish everyday if he could have. He loved catching fish and even cleaning them. When deer and turkey season came around, he made time to go hunting on the farm.

 Kirk worked for Ted Molitor driving semi, field work and plumbing. He then went on to the Gavilon Grain Operation near Warren, IL. From there he transferred to the Millwrights' operation of Gavilon where he traveled every day. Kirk had a lot of friends and wanted to be around them all the time. Kirk was the kind of person that would take the time to help any of them also.

 Kirk decided he wanted a dog to be by his side. So he purchased an American Bulldog in May, 2013. He named him Rocky. But his traveling with work made it hard to be with Rocky as much as he planned. But when he had him, Rocky was his friend and stayed by his side. 

 Kirk found the truck of his dreams in March of 2014. His favorite color was blue and so was this truck. And it was big, just what he wanted. He was so proud to drive it home. 

 Whether you were family, friend or a complete stranger, Kirk took the time to chat with you and get a smile out of you. As we remember the life Kirk lived, let each of us be there for one another to help or make each other smile. After all, he wasn't just "kind of a big deal", Kirk Was A Big Deal.