Wilburn Edward Cantrell
Wilburn Edward Cantrell

July 21, 1931August 3, 2011 (80 years old)
Hometown: Louisville, KY
July 21, 1931August 3, 2011
(80 years old) | Louisville, KY

Life Story


Loved Horses, Golf, Makers Mark, parties, and Doris and his Home and family not in that order excelled in business and life.

Born in Louisville Ky. to loving parents an electrician and a Home Maker, raised Baptist, He excelled in Basketball as a young man, joined the Navy and then excelled in Golf. He worked the Golf course in the summers and the bowling alley in the winters. Met a lot of officers and learned from people of influence as he worked his way around, working temporarily at a bank after he got out of the Navy, and then Joined the police + took courses thru Eastern Kentucky University. He became a detective and then finally worked in the alcohol division. He was in during the riots in the late 1960's and had many experiences. He was a Scottish Rite mason and was , also in the Shrine.

After 13 1/2 years of policing (keeping the streets safe) He joined Evergreen Cemetery, then shortly became sales Manager. Later to become Vice President and General Manager of Myrtle Hill Cemetery in Tampa. From there he owned and operated Oaklawn Memory Gardens in Titusville Fl. and served on many Boards, trained at industry schools, traveled the country. He served as president of the Southern Cemetery Association. 

He went on to build and market the large mausoleum building to your southeast for the city of Tarpon Springs back in 1985 and had a 5 year contract, also at that time creating Cycadia Monument Company which is still up and running today. He spent over 35 years in the Death Care Industry serving People. This building in fact is one that he had brought in in 1985, he choose this site among many others because he spent so much time right here and loved the place.

He went on to excell in golf and had won many club championships prior to his health decline. He was an extremely accurate putter. He always said he would have tried the tour but he had the 3 kids and in 1968, other occupations paid more than taking a chance on making the tour.

He always had the brightest outlook, and always had a joke back in his day. His stories are legend and there are many to tell.In his day if necessary you could punch people, or at least set them in their place. He also had a generous heart for a cause and did many acts of charity, some known and some that will never be known.

Dementia got a hold of him, and that went on a while even through those trials I choose to remember many of the funny things he did and if nothing else enjoyed the innocent and simple person that he became, it was a lesson in maturing where time and things didn't matter any more simply what we mean to each other.

He was a great Father to us kids and a wonderful source of information, and I feel lucky for that influence. He was of a mind that kids work and earn their way through everything. And we all still work to this day. I am thankful that our God placed me with him as an earth Father, and thankful for the 80 years in which he made a mark in this life, the last quarter of a century through memorials and monuments that will out live all of us, and making many people happy.

He had many friends in all walks of life and loved people. We miss him very much. I can still remember his voice.

On behalf of my Mom Doris, my sister Cindy, and my other sister Debra we thank you for taking the time to read this little story about Will - Bubba- King - The straw that stirred the Drink.

Kevin Cantrell - Aug. 2, 2012