Stephen L. Hartmann
Stephen Lawrence Hartmann (Compton)

June 29, 1962December 3, 2010 (48 years old)
Hometown: Ojai, CA
June 29, 1962December 3, 2010
(48 years old) | Ojai, CA

Life Story

Is it true the online social networking experiment has failed, but most people just don't know it yet? Hmmmm...I guess I'm best known for my sense of humor, having a grip of stories and talking a lot (but I like to think I know how not to cross the line of being obnoxious). People always tell me they feel like they've known me for years after just hanging out for a short time. I have a manufacturing and *marketing business in Oxnard, Calif., rent a beach house in Ventura that everyone says has a cool vibe and am down with doing a lot of different things. I'm never bored...and get bored (LOL!) with people who say they're bored.

The six years that shaped my personality the most, I'd have 2 say, are the ones I spent living in Hawaii (Haleiwa, Wahiawa and Honolulu), part of that time while in the Navy. If you've ever spent much time in the 808 you prob know how much island living can change a person. I like to find and make friends who are (pick one): loyal, intelligent, older for their age (if they're younger), younger than their age (if they're older), creative, talented, funny, generous, hard-working. I most appreciate people who understand how 2 have balance in their life--not 2 much or 2 little of anything including work, friends, money, vices, etc. Someone once joked that I like to be the center of attention...but that I don't want anyone looking at me. (It doesn't make sense, but it's true!) LOL! Over the past few years I've become fascinated with Chinese astrology...the connection between the 12 animal sign personalities in relation to the Chinese philosophy and the elements of fire, wood, earth, water and metal. (Friends who read up on their sign and description of "the animal that hides in their heart" seem to always be blown away by how accurate it can be). 

If I die tomorrow, here's an epitaph that would fit:

"We laughed at him because he was different,He laughed at us because we were the same. We'll never laugh the same again."