Chris A. Lewis
Chris A. Lewis

April 2, 1963April 1, 2013 (49 years old)
Hometown: Bellefontaine, OH
April 2, 1963April 1, 2013
(49 years old) | Bellefontaine, OH

Life Story

It's unfair to limit someone's "Life Story" to a few typed paragraphs as to why this person's life had meaning. How does someone memorialize a loved one and manage to catch the essence of spending a day, an hour, or even a couple minutes with that person and the impact it made. Chris's life story ended too soon, however it is not over yet. Chris left behind three children (all grown now of course) that will continue to tell his story, pass on his sense of humor, carry along his appreciation for music, and love as he taught us to love. 

Chris had a love for the outdoors, whether it was fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, or simply driving for hours in the country looking for wildlife. Sharing these interests/hobbies with his loved ones brought the most enjoyment to him, even if it meant untangling the kids fishing lines from every surrounding tree limb, or stopping two minutes after leaving the house because someone had to pee. As much as he loved his family and children, Chris was a dog lover as well. Our pets held a very special place in his heart and were greeted the second he walked in the door (most often before anyone else).

When we remember Chris (dad) we remember a kind, fun loving, smiling, and strong person. We remember someone that reminded us to "lighten up" and be nice to others on a daily basis and sometimes told us things that others weren't brave enough to say. Without him, each day is missing a piece of light that I fear will never return. 

Rest in peace Dad, we love you and miss you every second of every day.