Loryn Cassady
Loryn Nikole Cassady

January 14, 1993July 6, 2013 (20 years old)
Hometown: Logan, OH
January 14, 1993July 6, 2013
(20 years old) | Logan, OH

Life Story

Make good choices.

Live life to the fullest.

Set your priorities with God & your family at the top of the list.

Be kind.

Set Goals - Aim High - Believe in Yourself!

Never give up!

Strive to do your Very Best.

Be with friends that make you want to be a better person.

Love your family and friends.

Be kind to animals.

Take time to do things for others.

Take care of yourself and be healthy. Take good care of the body you are living in.

Dream, believe & achieve.

Never take your loved ones for granted.

Be happy.

Treasure your loved ones. Treat them with respect.

For couples, show each other love and affection, take time to do something nice for that person.

Always tell the people in your life that you love them.

Never leave mad or angry.

Count your blessings.

Wake up early, smile and say "Thank you God for another day to live" then go out there and live that day to the fullest. 

Smile at everyone you meet.

Be a good person.

Tell the truth always, even if it's painful.

Be kind, polite & respectful.

Make every effort to be with your family. Give them your time, TIME IS SO PRECIOUS!

Death is not the end - It's the beginning!

Find  your True Love - I found mine!

God is good!