Spyridon Skordilis
Spyridon Skordilis

July 20, 1930June 15, 2013 (82 years old)
July 20, 1930June 15, 2013
(82 years old) | TARPON SPRINGS, FL


Obituary by Kay Skordilis. 
Just as I was leaving the house I received a phone call from my sister-in-law from Corfu (Kerkyra) as she told me that Spyros brother who has been ill for the past year, just grabbed her hand called Spyros name 3 times and fell asleep, at the same time as Spyros' funeral. 

As Spyros was in an out of hospital since January, and not able to drive etc.  I asked him just before Mother's day it he wanted to go to the cemetery to light the candle Mom's grave.  He said yes and we went.  As I was lighting the candle and doing incense, Spyros did his cross and kissed her picture on the monument.  As he got up he said "Oh mom next month June 22 is your birthday and we are going to celebrate it together.  I said to him, honey you are right we will light a candle and sing Happy Birthday to her"  As it all happened Spyros was buried June 22 next to his mother-in law Evlambia Kalimtgis that he loved so much.

I want to thank you all for your love, friendship and support.   To all the musicians from the area, that attended and sang his song at the gravesite, to Mr. Petros Mastoris, that came from Chicago and wrote a special tribute for Spyros and to the General Consulate of Greece Antonios Sgouropoulos for his gracious recognition.