Timothy & Melinda Passmore
Timothy & Melinda Passmore


Timothy T. Passmore

December 22, 1963 — April 25, 2022

Timothy Passmore, 58, of Blue Ridge, GA, passed away on April 25, 2022, in Blue Ridge. On December 22, 1963, Tim was born in Cleveland, TN, to Bud Passmore and Opal Passmore, but grew up in Benton, TN.

At age six, Tim began playing the fiddle and guitar at age eight. He went on to win multiple awards for his fiddle playing, including the Tennessee State Fiddle Championships six times. He started playing music professionally at age fifteen, playing with The Knoxville Grass. He went on to play for such country acts like Travis Tritt, Charlie Daniels, and Marty Stuart, among many other popular acts. Tim was also a former firefighter for the Gwinnett County Fire Department. After coming off the road as a professional musician, Tim began a twenty-plus year career as a local carpenter and was known for his masterful craftsmanship. Tim was also an avid fisherman and outdoorsman..

Timothy is survived by Melinda Passmore - spouse, Natasha Taylor - daughter, Ryan Ritchie - son, Victoria Ritchie - daughter-in-law, Tyler Ritchie - son, Mike Passmore - brother, Gwen McElrath - sister, Alen Passmore - brother, Sue Gregory - sister, Jeff Passmore - brother, Mia Ritchie - grandchild, Leo Taylor - grandchild, Gabriel Taylor - grandchild. Timothy is preceded in death by Bud Passmore - father, Opal Passmore - mother.

Melinda Mitchell Passmore

January 12, 1961 — August 31, 2022

Blue Ridge, GA


Melinda Passmore, 61, of Blue Ridge, Georgia, passed away Wednesday, August 31, 2022, at her home. Melinda was born January 12, 1961, in St. Louis, Missouri to the late Jim Mitchell and the late Ann Mitchell.

Melinda was preceded in death by her husband, Tim Passmore.

She is survived by her sons, Ryan (Victoria) Ritchie and Tyler Ritchie; brother, Mike Mitchell; and grandchild, Mia Ritchie