Timothy & Melinda Passmore
Timothy & Melinda Passmore

Life Story

For the short time I knew Tim and Melinda and grew apart of the family, I was able to see a couple who was willing to fight through anything together. They had a great energy and always brought the party. Though we only knew each other for a short time, it felt like they had always been there.
They especially loved Mia, unconditionally. And she loved them so much more in return. Most of Mia’s favorite memories involve them and she loves to reminisce about their time together.

I realize this is not a life story for either of them, but that is what this page is for. A memorial page for Tim And Melinda amongst family and friends. Please feel free to share stories, experiences, photos of lives well lived that you are willing to share with Mia and myself to let them live on.

Please share to vicproffitt@gmail.com

Thank you all,

Victoria and Mia Ritchie, 

Tyler Ritchie