Ryan Ritchie
Ryan Mitchell Ritchie

July 22, 1986June 21, 2023 (36 years old)
July 22, 1986June 21, 2023

Life Story

Ryan’s “life story” would take more than a lifetime to compile into words. 

He was the most intensely passionate, intelligent, hysterical, loving fella, and the life of the party. He cared so deeply for his friends and family, but especially Mia. He was the best “dada”, her favorite playmate, dance partner, and she was his reason. 

He spent summers on the lake growing up with his brother and best friends that he treasured more than most people could ever claim.

A large part of his adult life was spent in Atlanta where he made many friends and memories he held on to dearly.

Ryan had his ups and downs through life, but he never ceased to always come out on top. His trials made him a stronger and smarter man. 

I will always love the best version of him and hold dear the memories I was able to make with Ryan as a husband and a father. I will miss him for the rest of my life. 

This memorial is meant to keep his memory alive and I would love to add to it. Any stories and photos are welcome. Please feel free to send these to vicproffitt@gmail.com

Thank you,

Victoria and Mia