Noida Ronquillo
Dr. Noida Maceda Ronquillo (Austria)

August 14, 1928August 23, 2012 (84 years old)
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
August 14, 1928August 23, 2012
(84 years old) | Manila, Philippines

Life Story

Noida was born in Pagsanjan, Laguna.

Noida graduated at Centro Escolar University with a degree in Dentistry. She was also Ms. Dentistry in her school. She worked as a dentist for the Public Health department in the Philippines in places like Boys Town. She also worked with her husband in their private dental practice at the Bayview Hotel and Century Park Sheraton, for quite a number of years.

Noida has 2 sisters and 2 brothers. She was the youngest amongst her siblings.

After she retired, she became a full housewife. She loves to cook, loves to play Solitaire in the computer. She is a very sweet, loving mother to all of us. When her husband passed away, it was a difficult time for her since, she was used to be with our father all the time.

After living in Cebu for 7 years, she decided to move back to Manila, to be closer to her siblings. Her family are close-knit. She enjoys family get together during reunions, birthdays, or any occasions. She checks in with her siblings often, by giving them a phone call, and just asking how they were doing. That's how great she is with her siblings.

She is a very religious person. She prays and reads all her novenas, in the morning, afternoon and evening before she goes to bed. She never skips a Sunday without going to church, anywhere she may be, here in the Philippines or abroad, she makes sure there's a church close by if she is abroad, that's how religious she is.

When one of our brother was in the hospital, she was there 24/7 watching over him. She didn't mind that she had to stay in the hospital, she wants to make sure that our brother was doing fine. That's how caring and loving she was to all of us.

She loved all her grandchildren, she has 5 grandchildren, 3 here in the Philippines and 2 in America. She enjoys being with her grandchildren when she has the chance to be with them.

Last, January 12, 2011, she got ill, and had to be rushed to the emergency room, due to ulcers. She stayed in the hospital for one week. Her eldest son Omy, went to visit her, after being discharged, whom she misses so much, when she saw him, she had a huge smile on her face, that's how much she misses him.

She loved all of us equally, no favoritism. She is a helpful person. if she can help she would do it. But after she was hospitalized, she had a hard time recovering from it. She felt weak most of the time and became a bit stubborn.

When we moved to a new place, for her convenience, her health started to deteriorate slowly. But she remained strong for all of us, but she couldn't handle the pain of her osteoarthritis in the end. She had a hard time walking already. So she just stayed in bed most of the time. She became bedridden for almost one year.

Noida was one of a kind mother who made sure that all her children are always safe, and her husband always taken cared of. We may have our ups and downs but in the end she is the mother who is loving, and caring all the time.