Karli Cole
Karli, Serenity & Sophia Cole (Carson)

April 4, 1989February 28, 2014 (24 years old)
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
April 4, 1989February 28, 2014
(24 years old) | Vancouver, WA

Life Story

Karli Nicole Carson was born April 4th 1989.  She had an infectious smile and giggle.  Growing up Karli was full of excitement, living each day to the fullest.  All of Karli's life she enjoyed music, dancing, writing and playing the guitar.  The day her first daughter was born, Serenity Reign Cole (September 20th 2011) Karli felt blessed.  She was so proud of that little sweet baby.  

  Karli longed to have serenity, and that is what she received when her baby girl was born.  Serenity was named after the Serenity Prayer.  Serenity  Reign was born on Karli's grandfather's 88th birthday.  As Karli's Mom, I longed to be able to tell Serenity all about my Dad, her great grandfather as she grew up.  Serenity only spent her first birthday with her great grandfather before he passes away.  

On December 30th of 2012 Serenity's little sister Sophia Jadien was born.  Sophia's name means wisdom in greek.  The meaning of names were important and Karli thought for months before picking a name out for her daughters.  

In the summer of 2013 she decided to move to the beach, which was about 4 hours away.  She was able to get a job and wanted to  provide better for her girls.  We helped out every chance we got with Serenity and Sophia.  We had a bedroom that was all theirs when they came to visit.  January of 2014 we had the best visit.  Sophia had just learned to walk and it was fun to watch them both dance to the music much like Karli did as a child.  I cried when we had to say good-bye.  I didn't know that would be the last time I'd ever see all their beautiful faces.

Karli and I talked daily and many times I talked to the girls.  It brightened my day.  They were my only grandchildren and I was so proud of their little lives.  On February 27th 2014 Karli called me and one of the things she said was how excited she was to have me meet her halfway to take the girls for one weekend a month.  Karli was struggling to do it all,  to keep her job and get a better place for her and the girls.  The following morning February 28th (Karli's grandmother's birthday) my heart broke.  We received news Karli, along with Serenity and Sophia had passed away in a tragic fire. Karli was 24, Serenity was two and Sophia was one.  Our heats are empty without them but we will hold tight to the thought we will see them again in heaven.

Karli left behind an older brother and sister, Derrick and Krissi and a younger brother Nicolas.  She was separated at the time from her husband Michael who has a daughter Milaya. Milaya was Serenity's and Sophia's older sister.