Noah E. Caffery Rodriguez
Noah Elvis Caffery Rodriguez

June 30, 2006October 21, 2011 (5 years old)
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
June 30, 2006October 21, 2011
(5 years old) | Indianapolis, IN

Life Story

Noah was born June 30, 2006 by parents Amber M. Caffery, and Ernesto A. Rodriguez. Noah was born into two families that loved him very very much! As a toddler Noah was very active and intelligent. He learned things every quickly and loved to play with with his best friends Louis and Andy! Noah always smiled and could turn anybody's bad day around! Growing up Noah had all the newest Jordan's! He loved his "J's!" He loved matching sneakers with him and his Daddy! No one could deny that was a happy boy and that he always had a bright attitude!

This page isn't to remember all of the hard times he went through and all the suffering his little heart endured, but to celebrate and give thanks to God that his family was blessed enough to have a little boy like him in their lives, even if it was for only 5 years. Even in the hospital Noah felt the love he received from his family. Some of Noah's last words were, "Grandma Susan" and trying to show off his hair cut that Uncle Marvin gave him saying, "You like my hair? Marvin cut it!."

In the little time span that Noah was here he has touched so many hearts. If you have little kids that grew up with Noah, do him a favor and never let them forget about Noah, let his name live on. We all know that Noah is in heaven now and he only asks that we all live our lives happily and in memory of him so that soon we can meet with him at the Golden Gates of Heaven.