Raymond Wilson Woolfenden, Sr.
Raymond Wilson Woolfenden

September 5, 1916April 21, 2000 (83 years old)
Hometown: Kopp, VA
September 5, 1916April 21, 2000
(83 years old) | Kopp, VA

Life Story

Birth and Childhood

Raymond was born on September 5, 1916 at Kopp, Virginia.  His father passed away 35 days later, on October 10, 1916.  Raymond and his mother continued to live on their farm until around three years of age.  His mother later attended what is now Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg to become a teacher.  She re-married, on May 7, 1919, in Manassas, Virginia, to Richard Henry Hinton.  After Hattie re-married, the family moved to Quantico where Richard Hinton opened a store which was called Quantico Market.  During Raymond's fifth year (1921), Richard got a job at the ice plant at Camp Humphries (now know as Fort Belvoir).  The family moved into government housing on post near the current railroad crossing over US Route One.  Raymond began school around five years old, attending the Potters Hill School which was located at Telegraph and Accotink Roads just south of Fort Belvoir. In 1926 the family brought the old Hunter home and moved there.  That home burned down in 1928.  The current home on that site was built after the fire on top of the original home's basement.  Lived on Cox's farm for two years while the new home was built.  Raymond was nine years old when his grandfather Thomas died on April 26, 1926.  Worked at the PX during the summer of 1926 and 1927.  Worked at Widewater Beach during the summer of 1928.  Attended Woodlawn School beginning in 1926 and continuing thru the fifth grade.  Went to Groveton School for the sixth grade.  Went back to Woodlawn School for the seventh grade.  Attended Lee-Jackson High School for three years.  Did not complete third year or attend the fourth year of high school.  While first and second year of high school, worked for Safeway after school and during the summer.  After quitting school because of a lack of money, Raymond hauled coal for a time and then he worked for a Conoco service station in NW Washington.  

First Marriage and Family

Raymond, age 18, married Mabel Irene Liming, age 15, on Tuesday, July 2, 1935 in Rockville, Maryland.  Rev. Herbert O. Cooper conducted the wedding.  Raymond's mother, Hattie A. W. Hinton was the witness.  Their first child, Irene Mabel, was born the following spring, on April 30, 1936.  Raymond was employed at a bakery.  The family was living at 531 West Columbia Street, Alexandria.  When their second child, Raymond Wilson Woolfenden, Jr. was born (March 25, 1938), the family was living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.During 1945 prior to being drafted into the U.S. Army, Raymond ran a grocery store, Texaco service station and managed some rental units.  The family lived above the store which was located on US Route One outside of Alexandria, Virginia, just across from the southern corner of what is now Beacon Mall.  The garage portion of the Texaco station and the store still exist, as of July 25, 1992.When their third child, Reginald Dale Woolfenden, was born (August 12, 1949), the family was living in Brodnax, Virginia where Raymond was working as a salesman.  Raymond and Mabel were divorced on August 2, 1952 after separation occurred on August 2, 1951.  The divorce was granted in Mecklenburg County, Virginia where Raymond was operating a sandwich shop (in South Hill).  Mabel was living in Alexandria, Virginia at the time of the divorce. 

Military Service

Raymond was inducted into the US Army on February 12, 1945 in Richmond, Virginia with the rank of private.  His MOS was bandsman Base Fiddle 434.  He was assigned to the 835th Ord Base Depot Co.  Raymond shipped out to Manila, Philippines on August 22, 1945 and arrived there on September 12, 1945.  He later was assigned to Japan as part of the occupation forces.  Raymond left Japan on June 3, 1946 and arrived back in the U.S. on June 14, 1946.  Raymond was discharged from the U.S. Army at Fort Meade, Maryland on June 21, 1946.  His civilian occupation was listed on his discharge as manager retail general merchandise.

Second Marriage and Family

Raymond married Doris Mae Lynch on February 23, 1954 in Rockville, Maryland.  Doris and Raymond met in South Hill, Virginia.  Their first child, Raynee Casmo, was born on February 19, 1955 in Akron, Ohio.Their second child, Casmere Sharlene, was born on  October 5. 1957.  The family was living at RD 1, box 315, Atwater, Ohio.  Their third child, Raneir Dorine, was born on February 10, 1961.  The family was living at 806 West Nassau Street, East Canton, Ohio.  The family moved to Devil's Reach Road in Woodbridge, Virginia later in 1961.  Raymond ran a grocery and restaurant on US Route One in Lorton, Virginia.  By 1962 the family was living in an apartment above the restaurant.  During the early '60's, Raymond also operated a used car lot next to the grocery/restaurant, worked at radio station WXRA, ran a record shop in Woodbridge, and ran a grocery/restaurant on Hoadley Road, just off of Davis Ford Road in Woodbridge.In 1965 the family moved to South Hill, Virginia where Raymond operated a restaurant.  During this time Raymond became ill and underwent major surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.  By 1966 the family was living in Cumberland County, North Carolina, just outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina.  The family remained here until about 1970.  During this time Raymond worked at WSHB radio, then at WBYB and finally at WQSM.  During this time, his wife Doris ran a record shop in Raeford, North Carolina.  Around 1970 Raymond and Doris brought a home on the north-end of Fayetteville.  After his employment at WQSM, Raymond sold cars for a time, then went to work at W  in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.In 1971 Raymond moved his family to Water Valley, Mississippi to take a job as manager of WVLY.  In the fall of 1972 the family moved to Milton, Florida while Raymond was attempting to purchase WSRA in Milton.  While there, the family first lived in a mobile home just north of Milton while the home that they were purchasing was completed.  The home was completed in a couple of months and the family moved in.  Meanwhile, Raymond worked selling encyclopedias.  After the sale of WSRA was denied by the FCC due to pending charges against the station owner, Raymond moved to Dale City, Virginia while pursuing the purchase of WQVA in Quantico, Virginia.  His company purchased the station on June 1, 1974.  In 1975 the family moved to Prince William Estates in Dumfries.  In 1976 the family lived in Aquia Harbour, Stafford, Virginia.  In 1977 the family moved to 18322 Cabin Drive, Triangle, Virginia.  By the time Raymond and Doris moved to Melrose Gardens, a duplex apartment complex in Triangle where they are currently living in the summer of 1991, all of their children were out on their own.  During the period of 1974 to 1992, Raymond continued his activity in the Country Music Association which has recognized him as a Pioneer in Country Music and has been a finalist in the small market DJ of the Year competition of the Country Music Association seven times.  Nominations:1989 - Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year WPWC Dumfries, VA 1988 - Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year WPWC Dumfries, VA 1987 - Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year WPWC Dumfries, VA 1986 - Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year WPWC Dumfries, VA 1985 - Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year WPWC Dumfries, VA 1983 - Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year WPWC Dumfries, VA 1982 - Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year WPWC Dumfries, VA He has also been named a Kentucky Colonel.  Note: Prince WilliamBoard of County Supervisors'Brief - November 21, 2000DIR 00–148 Cn Naming of Road in Honor ofRay WoolfendenSupervisor Caddigan requested that staff provideinformation on the possibility of a road near QuanticoNational Cemetery being named in honor of "Cousin" RayWoolfenden.