Ava Jean Ridenour
Ava Jean Ridenour

August 16, 1997November 8, 2014 (17 years old)
Hometown: Tipton, IN
August 16, 1997November 8, 2014
(17 years old) | Tipton, IN

Life Story

Ava was AMAZING...

She lived and loved with all of her heart. Her faith, family and friends meant the world to her.

There was no containing her adventurous spirit. She was as carefree as could be...always knowing that mistakes are expected and forgivable.

She sang so beautifully and with so much love and conviction.

Ava was simply AMAZING!

She would light up every room that she entered. She loved to make people happy....smiling was her favorite.

There are so many memories from her short time here on earth.  So many adventures and laughs, many trials and tears. She LIVED! The experiences she was able to have in 17 years are far more than most have in a lifetime.

"I don't need my name in lights. I'm famous in my Father's eyes. Make no mistake, He knows my name."

He Knows My Name....Francesca Battistelli