Thomas Gerhard Muennich
Thomas Gerhard Muennich

October 4, 1936November 3, 2021 (85 years old)
Hometown: Mason, OH
October 4, 1936November 3, 2021
(85 years old) | Mason, OH

Life Story

Eulogy provided by Sam Muennich (son of Tom):

My Dad Was A Great Man

My Dad raised 9 kids; how many people can say that? My Dad stayed married to my Mom for 64 years until the end of his like; how many people can say that? My Dad worked hard 60 years, his whole life. He would come home from his first job, rest and eat and go to another job at night after we (kids) went to bed. I know this because he would take me with him on the weekends. He did this for years. My Dad and Ted ran a Marathon gas station. They started together and worked morning to night. 7 Days a week and he was "happy." Dad was a GREAT man.

  • Muennich Inc
  • My Dad won the first Mason Heritage Bike Race (with MY bike)
  • My Dad won some canoe race
  • He loved guns and hunting
  • My Dad was the first man in Mason with a ultra light plane.

Eulogy provided by Luke Steiner (grandson of Tom):

Grandpa Muennich was a strong man. I am reminded of that every time I think about my grandfather. Often times when I would go over to visit my grandparents I would find him sitting on his spot on the couch watching fox news. I would come in and he would greet me with a big smile and a firm handshake then proceed to say something along the lines of "can you believe what is going on with..." whatever the story on fox was that day. I would offer a more moderate view and he would shake his head. Me, not wanting to get my grandpa too worked up, would always try and de-escalate and excuse myself to hang out with Tommy. Grandpa's strength of character would always shine through with me, though, because he would always come find me where Tommy and I were hanging out and tell a story about love. 

My friend Dan would recount the time when this happened to him. On one of his visits to the grandparents house grandpa asked him what the meaning of life was, and Dan responded he wasn't sure but he was trying to figure that out. Grandpa said the meaning of life was love! And I know he truly believed that. His love was strong, just like his passions, and he went all in when he loved something. 

My poor grandmother could attest to this love. My grandfather created a legacy that will last generations, him being survived by his nine children: Sam, my mother-Ann, Barb, Clara, Carl, Denise, Alan, Danny and, because his love for my grandma never wavered, many years later, Tommy. 

His love for his country was great with many stories about his time in the navy. From jumping 60 feet from the bow of his ship just to swim in the Mediterranean, to carrying a 55 gallon drum of concrete up a flight of stairs because he believed it was just a normal drum of oil(to the shock of his superior officer who was trying to play a prank on him, and all that watched him do it). He was always engaging with his local community trying to do his part because of his love for this great country. I am sure that he would have a big smile on his face to see so many of his loved ones gathered here today, giving each one of us a firm handshake and a reminder to "keep smiling."

Eulogy provided by Amber Book (granddaughter of Tom):

Grandpa always lived the life that he wanted to live and My grandma was always there so he could. A man with a lot to say but grit and passion to lead the way. This was one of my grandpa's favorite mantras to live by “our destiny is not written for us it is written by us.”

I sat down with my mom and sisters and we started to talk about our earliest memories.

My mom started -dad would come home from work and enter the house and say: “Never fear daddy’s here.” 

Then my sisters and I shared:

1. Blythe started-The smell while hanging out with him in his gun room all while having dirty stained garage oil hands!

2. Erica-When grandpa would come home through the screen door and hugging and kissing grandma and then food happened. 

3. Finally from me-Running out of my back door to find grandpa tinkering in his garage and knowing that I was safe to play with him around. 

We gathered here because we all have our memories of Grandpa, Tom, bother, Dad whatever you called him. He will be missed but not forgotten.