Brett Andrew Thomas
Brett Andrew Thomas

April 22, 1983August 14, 2022 (39 years old)
Hometown: Amherst, OH
April 22, 1983August 14, 2022
(39 years old) | Amherst, OH

Life Story

Brett was born premature because of that, he had many physical, mental and medical disabilities. He went to Murray Ridge School and Workshop. There was a lot that Brett could not do like talk, walk or taste food but everyone who met him loved his smile. 

Brett was a shining light in our family's life.  His smile could brighten any day and would always cause us to smile. It didn't take much to make Brett happy and laugh. Any noise from the kitchen like putting dishes away or getting the pots and pans out of the cupboards. The dogs barking or the grandgirls running and playing throughout the house. Dropping something in his room which would make a loud noise. Ripping the velcro when taking his blood pressure or snapping our gloves when we put them on or off.  Bopping his nose or making noises with our mouth. He also liked watching TV and listening to music. 

He was such a joy! 

We were so blessed to be a part of his life. We had 39 beautiful years with him.  His life wasn't easy but he touched so many lives without saying a single word. 

We found comfort in our faith that God would have a better life for him in heaven.  This helped us cope and find hope when all our dreams for him were being shattered. God has taken Brett and his beautiful smile to heaven to be with Him for eternity. 

We thank God for blessing us with such a precious gift.